As a seminary student and eventual church planter/pastor/etc., I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the men who most inluence[ed] my thinking, my theology, and my standard for preaching. Below is my Top 10 living, breathing, and mostly functional preachers in order of the influence they’ve had on my Christian life.

1. Paul Washer

   Washer is the Founder/Director & Missions Coordinator of HeartCry Missionary Society and also a Southern Baptist itinerant preacher/evangelist.

   At a time where I was really needing to develop a passion for Christ and His gospel after years of spinning my wheels as a casual church-goer, it was this man’s emotional, raw, fire and brimstone preaching that painted such a vivid picture of Christ to me that I could no longer ignore Him.



2. John Piper

   Piper is the founder of Desiring God Ministries as well as having served as Pastor for Preaching and Vision of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 33 years.

   Around the same time I discovered Paul Washer, I also discovered a number of Reformed preachers, including John Piper. Through his bizarre quirkiness and passionate delivery, I found Piper almost impossible to pass-up on my weeknight walks with my preaching podcasts.



3. Greg Laurie

   Once hailed as the “next Billy Graham”, Laurie serves as Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California and Harvest Orange County in Irvine, California. He also heads-up several large-scale evangelical gatherings each years known as Harvest Crusades.

   Greg Laurie just appeals to me. It’s as simple as that. He speaks in a simple, relatable way that people from every walk of life can easily understand. He’s also a former hippie and illustrator.



4. Todd Friel

   Friel is the host of both WRETCHED Radio and WRETCHED TV, as well as the former host of Way of the Master Radio.

   Through these programs Todd Friel helped to refine my theology. He’s also super amusing as both a former stand-up comedian and massive germaphobe.



5. Mark Driscoll

   Driscoll is the founder and current preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, co-founder of Churches Helping Churches and the Acts 29 Network.

   Often viewed as controversial, Driscoll is far from perfect. But darn it, his preaching is really good! Maybe I’m a jerk, but I relate to the guy. We need some macho men.



6. Matt Chandler

   Chandler is the lead pastor of teaching at The Village Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the President of the Acts 29 Network.

   What’s not to love about Matt Chandler? He’s sound, he’s witty, and he’s completely ADHD. If he could harness the energy in his hands he could power the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth are weeks.



7. John MacArthur

   MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, the founder of the radio ministry Grace To You, and president of The Master’s College in Newhall, California and The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California.

   Odds are, Johnny Mac makes everybody’s list. In recent times he’s appealed slightly less to me, but no one can argue his influence and accomplishments in evangelicalism.

   On a side note, I was a little disappointed to find out how short he is. I always assumed he was massive for some reason. Probably because he’s the Evangelical Pope.



8. Ray Comfort

   Comfort is the founder of Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master. He is also known to be one of today’s boldest street evangelists.

   Ray has guts. That’s why I like Ray Comfort. He’s got a cool accent, nerves of steel, and knows his Bible. He also hangs out with Kirk Cameron.



9. Billy Graham

   C’mon… really? I’m pretty sure you know who Billy Graham is. Whether you or I agree with his theology, one thing is certain. God used him throughout his ministry in a powerful way!



10. Pancho Juarez

   Juarez is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Montebello in California and the founder of On the Level Media.

   You’ve never heard of him, I know. But the guy call peel apart layers of scripture like few can. Not bad for a man who for a former God-hating, schizophrenic tattoo artist.





   What about you? Amongst living preachers/pastors/evangelists, who has most help shape your theology? Comment and let me know!

   Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye, ’cause now it’s time to go. But, hey, I say, well, that’s okay, ’cause we’ll see you very soon, I know.


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